Brick Yard; Jean-Michael Basquiat 
Brick Yard; Factory
Brick Yard; Andy Warhol
Magriette; The Barbarian,
Materials: Ceramic, Spraypaint, Wood 
30.75 x 24.5 in.

Depicted here is a recreation of an actual piece Magriette crafted, "Barbarian." The image was destroyed in WWII and never recreated. The thumb nail, which this image was rendered from, appeared to be on real brick and possibly a building that was destroyed. The border of the wall is framed in hand pressed bricks with toy soldier reliefs.
Magriette, (detail)
Black Hawk
Materials: Ceramic, Spraypaint, Wood
28" x 23"

A triptych commissioned by Mission Bar and Tapas. 
Materials: Ceramic, Spraypaint, Wood
Commissioned by Mission Bar and Tapas
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